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About us

A bit of history

The Czech Stem Cells Registry, former Czech Bone Marrow Donor Registry, was founded in 1991 at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine. In the same year, it became member of the international network of unrelated bone marrow donor registries which was managed from the co-ordinating centre in Leiden, Netherlands. CSCR is member of BMDW and WMDA.

CSCR gradually established contacts and joined other co-operating networks: National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) in Minneapolis in 1997 and started to use European Marrow Donor Information System (EMDIS) in 2003.


CSCR registers both bone marrow (stem cells) donors and cord blood units from the Czech Cord Blood Bank and provides information on units of  the Eurocord-Slovakia.

HLA yping of CSCR donors are performed by EFI or ASHI accredited HLA laboratories.

CSCR searches in its database donors both for Czech and international patients. 


  • Maintenance of donor and cord blood unit database (SW Prometheus supplied by Steiner, Ltd.) 
  • Searches for Czech patients in Czech and international registries. Repeated searches are performed upon request.
  • Searches in CSCR database for international patients (fax / e-mail / EMDIS requests are accepted)  Repeated searches are performed upon request.
  • Cooperation with Czech transplant centres and international registries 
  • Donor work-up requests coordination 
  • CBU requests coordination incl. further HLA typing, DNA shipment, CBU procurement 
  • Recruitment of donors 
  • HLA typing (in cooperation with EFI / ASHI accredited laboratory) 
  • Blood sample procurement for confirmatory typing 
  • PBSC / BM / DLI procurement 
  • We are able to perform related donor examination/collection if necessary